Basketball Academy Coaches In KMTC


Marge Moors


Margaret brings 20 years of coaching experience to AIM. She started with 10 years of coaching experience in the Lone Peak HS system. After taking a break to be with her children, she started back into coaching in the Lehi High School program with the 3rd-8th grade developmental program. After 7 years of running that program she joined the Utah United Staff as the Girls Program Director and Coach.
Margaret is dedicated to developing basketball players and confident young women.

Bryan Ware

Head Trainer

Bryan was born in Knoxville, TN. Played Division 2 basketball at Anderson University in South Carolina. He has coached all ages for 7 years. More than anything he loves watching players progress on their basketball journey. He is an Owner and Coach for Hardware Training Co. and will be the head trainer for AIM.
“Develop the tools to take your game to the next level”

Kyler Welsh

Boys Varsity Head Coach

Kyler has been coaching within the club for more than 2 years. He began at the sophomore level and eventually began coaching and directing the varsity program. Kyler played high school basketball and football locally at Lehi High School and won a state-championship in football as a tight end. He emphasizes integrity and character development in all players regardless of their talents and abilities. He earnestly believes that basketball and life are interconnected and as we intently strive to become better basketball players, teammates, and athletes we naturally become better people.
“We will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence”
-Vince Lombardi Jr.

Lacey Larson

8TH Grade National coach

Love of the game, helping athletes become the best person, and basketball player they can be, is why Lacey Larson coaches. She played high school basketball in Nevada, and has raised her family, with her husband here in Utah the last 16 years. She has coached Jr Jazz 4 yrs, Bantam 4 yrs, club 4 yrs, and high school ball 2 yrs. Within club/ AAU ball, she has coached 4/5ht grade girls, 7th/8th grade girls, and helped with the varsity boys on occasion. She is currently the Assistant Varsity girls coach at American Fork High School. She offers one on one training, small group training, and speed/agility in addition to basketball skills.

Jessa Call

GIRLS Varsity Head Coach

Growing up in Utah County, Jessa Call grew up playing soccer and basketball. She learned early that with the right attitude and effort, athletics can be the best instrument for building a strong and lasting character. During some tough middle school years, she came close to quitting basketball but thanks to determined and supportive coaches, was (literally) pulled back into the world of basketball. The following experiences taught her the value of committed work and  resilience, and truly changed her life. This inspired her to do the same for other amazing young athletes. While playing Varsity basketball at Lone Peak High School, Jessa further learned the value of preparation, strategy and discipline from amazing coaches and mentors. She spent a summer coaching with her Alma Mater after graduating, then left on a church mission, which further cemented her passion for working with youth and young adults. Immediately upon returning she was introduced to Marge Moors and AIM basketball, where she fell in love with the “player first” culture. Jessa’s coaching (and life) philosophy is simple: Stay positive, work hard, and prepare well. She is PSYCHED out of her mind to be coaching the girls Varsity team for AIM basketball academy.